Bofinger personalities


If the spirit of the Bastille were to materialise, one would have to come to Brasserie Bofinger to greet it. The brasserie has hosted countless famous people from the worlds of politics, literature, art, sport, theatre and fashion. The names that follow are but a sampling of an inexhaustible list that is still growing today.

Adjani Isabelle (1955)Entertainment
The capricious artist has made appearances here.
Alaia Azzedine (1940)Fashion
The Tunisian fashion designer and couturier is a neighbour and customer. He owns an art gallery in the Marais.
Allen Woody (1935)Arts
When he stays in Paris, this New York-based actor-director is a regular Sunday guest.
Aragon Louis (1897-1982)Arts
On 10 May 1981, looking down from the window on the jubilant crowd on Place de la Bastille, the eighty-something writer exclaimed, "How beautiful they are - all these naked young people!"
Arroyo Eduardo (1937)Arts
This painter linked to the Narrative Figuration movement made Bofinger a frequent haunt in the 1970s. It is where he met with a group of engaged artists including Chambas, Erro, Fromanger and Segui.
Balladur Edouard (1929)Politics
The former Prime Minister during the cohabitation under François Mitterrand is not afraid to rub shoulders with the opposition in this highly political venue.
Bedos Guy (1934)Entertainment
"Please stay as you are," wrote the humorist, describing himself as an "old habitué" in the guest book.
Beller Georges (1946)Entertainment
"The place of one's dreams where time vanishes," wrote the actor who clearly enjoys the scene.
Bridgewater Dee dee (1950)Entertainment
On 14 July 1997, the American jazz singer came to celebrate the success of her album devoted to Ella Fitzgerald.
Bruant Aristide (1851-1925)Entertainment
The cabaret singer usually brought his eggs so the chef could prepare for him "the world's most flavourful omelette".
Burton Tim (1958)Arts
An ideal spot for the American director with a penchant for fantasy.
Curnonsky (1872-1956)Arts
""Do not be afraid to chat up the boss (who happens to be a very pleasant man and a hero of the Great War) for a taste of his raspberry and plum brandies," advised the "Prince of the Gourmets" in his guide in 1925. At the time, Bofinger was owned by the son-in-law of its founder, Alfred Bruneau, and its maître d'hotel, Louis Barraud.
Deshays Claudie-André (1957)Gotha & People
After a 10-day stay at the Mir space station, the French scientist was "delighted to rediscover the atmosphere" at the brasserie.
Evenou Danielle (1943)Entertainment
Between performances, this actress is a long-time regular client.
Fignon Laurent (1960-2010)Sports
When he was not on a diet, the champion cyclist caught up with all the "superb dishes".
Gaultier Jean-Paul (1952)Gotha & People
A fashion icon and member of the jet set, the designer has brought guests which include Madonna and Yvette Horner.
Goldman Jean-Jacques (1951)Arts
The singer-songwriter rubs elbow here with the singers from the "Enfoirés" troupe.
Gorbatchev Mikhail (1931)Politics
Visiting Paris in 1997 to mark the publication of his memoirs, the former president of the USSR dined here.
Glucksmann André (1937)Letters
The New Philosopher comes with his family: "The less Bofinger changes, the better," he stated.
Guillem Sophie (1965)Entertainment
The prima ballerina fled the Opéra, but not Bofinger.
Hallier Jean-Edern (1936-1997)Letters
Our neighbour from the Place des Vosges, a writer, journalist and polemicist, rarely went unnoticed.
Hallyday Johnny (1943)Entertainment
For the singer of "Que je t'aime", Bofinger is a like an extension of the Bercy stadium venue.
The actor who played Navarro (who was also François Mitterrand's brother-in-law) dines here with his family.
Hansi (1873-1951)Arts
Born in Colmar like Bofinger himself, the illustrator liked to come and soak up the brasserie’s ambiance, which his own decorations imbue with the essence of Alsace.
Hechter Daniel (1938)Gotha & People
The fashion designer is a devoted fan of sauerkraut.
Hendricks Barbara (1948)Entertainment
The opening of the Opéra Bastille in 1989 drew the singer.
Herriot Edouard (1872-1957)Politics
Mayor of Lyon and doyen of the Radical Party, he made Bofinger the headquarters of his political plotting. In 1924, he forged the Cartel des Gauches (left-wing coalition) here before being named President of the Council.
Jeunet Jean-Pierre (1953)Entertainment
The "Amélie" director comes here to reconnect with the spirit of Old Paris.
Jospin Lionel (1937)Politics
Well before taking the Bastille on 10 May 1981, the First Secretary of the Socialist Party was a familiar face.
July Serge (1942)Letters
In the 1970s, the co-founder of "Libération" dreamed of revolution here.
Lang Jack (1939)Politics
On the evening when Bofinger was listed as a historic monument, the Minister of Culture, who enjoyed its view of the Bastille, dined here with François Mitterrand.
Mitterrand François (1916-1996)Politics
A long-time regular, the First Secretary of the Socialist Party came frequently to dream of change well before he was able to reserve the entire first floor to celebrate his election as President of the Republic on 10 May 1981.
Pasqua Charles (1927)Politics
The Corsican politician appreciated the Alsatian ambiance: "Everything here is authentically antique," he wrote, "except the staff."
Polnareff Michel (1944)Entertainment
After his exile in California, the singer returned to the Bercy stage in 2007. He made his "first outing in Paris" to Bofinger.
Pompidou Georges (1911-1974)Politics
In the late 1960s, the President of the Republic was lured by the new owners and became a regular guest.
Royal Ségolène (1953)Politics
In April 2002, the Socialist minister and her partner, François Hollande, wrote: "On the eve of momentous days, thank you, Bofinger, for allowing us to take the Bastille." One week later, Lionel Jospin was eliminated in the first round of the presidential elections.
Sarraute Nathalie (1927)Letters
Bofinger is my "favourite home base", noted the Le Monde contributor and daughter of writer Nathalie Sarraute.
Spindler Charles (1865-1938)Arts
This painter, watercolorist and wood inlayer was one of the Alsatian patriots for whom Bofinger was a refuge.
Steeg Théodore (1868-1950)Politics
Though governments came and went, this political figure from the interwar years always had a table here.
Streisand Barbra (1942)Entertainment
In June 2007, after a concert at Bercy, the singer came to enjoy the calm.
Wilson Lambert (1958)Entertainment
"The eternally divine seafood sauerkraut," the actor gushed over this classic Bofinger dish.